Outline of application program.
It is a flashlight app, simple operation.
In order to improve the battery lasting, there is no advertising.

  • Free of charge, there is no annoying ads.
  • LED of camera, and the screen can be used as a light source.
  • Simply touch the screen, it lights.
  • The screen light, and can be changed at will the color to shine. (Brightness also can be changed)
  • In an emergency, it can also be flashing SOS Morse.

  • [Operation explanation]
    ・Battery indicator
    operation1Display the remaining battery power at the top.

    ・LED light ON/OFF
    operation2If you touch the button at the top right, you can turn on/off the LED mounted on the camera.

    ・LED light (Flashing SOS Morse) ON/OFF
    operation3If you touch the button at the top left, you can turn on(Flashing SOS Morse)/off the LED mounted on the camera.

    ・SEREEN light color setting
    operation4If you touch the button at the bottom left, you can change the color of the SEREEN light.

    operation5If you can fix the color setting by touching the part of the LOCK/UNLOCK.

    ・SCREEN light ON/OFF
    operation6If you touch the button at the bottom right, monochromatic full screen is displayed.

    operation7After you touch the screen again, by flicking the slider bar at the bottom, brightness is changed.

    operation8After the user touches the screen again, by pressing the center button, go back to the original screen.

    Display screen.
    Screen shot.
    Screen1 Screen2 Screen3 Lighting image
    Corresponding model.
    It corresponds to OS Ver.2.2 or more.

    Recommended model:
    docomo ARROWS X F-10D, docomo MEDIAS X N-04E, docomo MEDIAS WP N-06C, docomo Xperia Z1 SO-01F, au Xperia Z1 SOL23
  • While using this application, automatic sleep is disabled. Therefore, please exit the application after use.

  • If you force sleep by pressing the sleep button, light will also be turned off forcibly.

  • It is not the one to guarantee to suit the accuracy, validity, and user's purpose of use for this application. Moreover, our company doesn't assume any responsibility.

  • The user assumes all the responsibilities about the damage caused in the user and the third party for the use for the application etc. irrespective of the reason. Moreover, our company doesn't assume any responsibility.

  • Update history.
  • 2014/05/16 Ver1.0

  • Inquiry
    Please perform the inquiry about this application from the following "Inquiry by mail".

  • A reply does not arrive to the phone which has refused the mail from PC. we would appreciate your understanding.

  • Please ask a market about problems, such as download failure.