Outline of application program.
This application produces the high frequency sound that a mosquito dislikes and difficult to approach. This is making the old good scenery of Japan a motif and able to use for the mosquito protection in open air etc.

[Operation explanation]
  • ON/OFF of high frequency sound.
    ON/OFF of high frequency sound changes if the mosquito-repellent incense in the screen is done in the tap. It smokes from the mosquito-repellent incense on the screen, it goes up, and the mosquito-repellent incense shortens with the amount of the battery remainder.

  • Setting of background switch timing.
    The background changes synchronizing with time. It is possible that the background is changed by the setting at a short cycle.
    Please select in order of "Menu button" ->"Setting" ->"Background switch timing", and select either of following.
    • It switches in real time.
    • It switches every 30 seconds.

  • High frequency sound setting.
    It is possible to sound it by choosing several kinds of high frequency sounds by the setting.
    Please select in order of "Menu button" ->"Setting" ->"High frequency sound setting", and select the sound to be generated.

  • Sound effect setting.
    Please select in order of "Menu button"->"Setting"->"Sound effect setting", and select either of following.
    • ON
    • OFF

  • Other operations.
    • It is possible to repulse it by doing the mosquito in the tap (Only the image).
    • It will be able to blow it off by doing the mosquito in the flick.
    • Animation generates the background by the background if touching. The animation generated by the time zone of the background changes.

  • In addition to the above-mentioned normal mode, you can challenge the mini game that repulse the flitting mosquito.

  • To challenge the mini game
    Please select in order of "Menu button"->"Mini Game", and select either of following time limit.
    • 30 Seconds
    • 1 Minute

  • [Mini game rule/operation explanation]

  • Please repulse the mosquito by the tap and the flick in the time limit.
  • When the mosquito is repulsed, one point is added.
  • When the mosquito is thrown in to the garbage box, five points are added.
  • After the game ends, your skill is evaluated from rank S by E.
  • The high frequency sound is not produced while playing a mini game.
  • If you want to reset of mini game hi Score, please select in order of "Menu button"->"Setting"->"Reset of hi Score", and select "ok".
  • Display screen.
    Screen shot.(Normal mode)
    ka_screen1 ka_screen1
    Screen shot.(Mini game mode)
    ka_screen1 ka_screen1
    Corresponding model.
    It corresponds to OS Ver.1.6 or more.

    Recommended model:
    Xperia acro HD SO-03D, ARROWS X F-10D, AQUOS PHONE IS11SH, MEDIAS, Xperia acro, Xperia arc, Xperia, HT-03A.
  • The band heard by the age changes into the high frequency sound.
    Please note that a surrounding person besides the user occasionally dislikes it when you use it. Please discontinue using while using it when the symptom such as not feeling well occurs in a user or a surrounding person.

  • This application is not necessarily effective in all mosquitoes.
    Please understand because it is not the one to guarantee the thing not bitten by the mosquito.

  • It is not the one to guarantee to suit the accuracy, validity, and user's purpose of use for this application. Moreover, our company doesn't assume any responsibility.

  • The user assumes all the responsibilities about the damage caused in the user and the third party for the use for the application etc. irrespective of the reason. Moreover, our company doesn't assume any responsibility.

  • Update history.
  • 2014/06/06 Ver1.1.4
    The problem which occurred by some phones was coped with.

  • 2012/04/19 Ver1.1.3
    The bug of Ver1.1.2 was coped with.

  • 2012/04/19 Ver1.1.2
    Beginning with Android2.3, you can allow your application to be installed on the external storage.(When upgrade from a old version failed, please reinstall after uninstalling the application of a old version.)

  • 2011/09/13 Ver1.1.1
    The problem which occurred by Android2.3.1 was coped with.

  • 2011/06/14 Ver1.1.0
    The mini game mode was added.

  • 2010/11/26 Ver1.0.4
    Deals with OS upgrade of Xperia.

  • 2010/10/04 Ver1.0.3
    The resolution of 480×320 is supported.(When display became abnormal by updating, please restart a telephone.)

  • 2010/08/02 Ver1.0.2
    The size of the application is reduced.

  • 2010/07/30 Ver1.0.1
    HELP was added to the menu.

  • 2010/07/23 Ver1.0.0

  • Inquiry
    Please perform the inquiry about this application from the following "Inquiry by mail".

  • A reply does not arrive to the phone which has refused the mail from PC. we would appreciate your understanding.

  • Please ask a market about problems, such as download failure.